The Top-Bitcoin-News of the Week

Bitcoin is back against gold, while IOTA wants to abolish the coordinator. In Texas, (alleged) Bitcoin mines are closed, BTC and XRP begin to take different routes. The Hash War at BCH comes to an end, Bitcoin is still on dive. That’s what interested our audience the most. The BTC-ECHO-Newsflash: The Top-Bitcoin-News of the week.

Not everyone has time to follow the flood of news in the crypto universe. For those (but also for all others) there is the BTC-ECHO-Newsflash: What our visitors found most exciting last week.

This is how gold became debt money – Can this happen to Bitcoin trader?

Max Kuhlmann takes us on a little journey through the history of Bitcoin trader and asks us the question: How could it happen to Bitcoin trader that a pure gold currency became a monetary system of gold-backed promissory notes? How this happened and whether the BTC can also happen is explained in the article.

IOTA plans gradual abolition of coordinator
IOTA’s coordinator is sometimes suspected of not being the most decentralized figure in crypto space. The IOTA Foundation now wants to say goodbye to this.

My Crypto trader Mine: Texas ends Bitcoin Mining Scam

What’s more lucrative than crypto trader mining? Mining scams. But only if it works: A deterrent example for fraudsters: my Crypto Mine. BTC, Ripple and Ethereum – Price Analysis KW48 – Exemplary Downward Movement

The dive of the BTC course was without question a formative experience in the last week. With all the lows in the markets one wonders: Where is all this going to lead? Our price analysis gives an assessment.

Crypto and traditional markets KW47 – Separate paths for Bitcoin and XRP?
As most hodlers, traders and those interested in cryptography will have noticed in the meantime, there is still a high correlation between Bitcoin and all the old coins – if BTC rises, the whole market does. The XRP token could soon break away from this. Why? Look here.

Bitcoin mining: Up to 800,000 devices switched off
Mining is particularly attractive in the bull market. However, since the bulls are not very visible at the moment, some miners are currently withdrawing from the market. What this means for the ecosystem – one suspects it – is stated in the article.

War is over: Bitcoin Cash ABC wins out
The BCH war is over. Details are available from our war reporter David. Where does that stand? Here.

BTC-ECHO study: Where does the German Blockchain ecosystem stand?
Finally, a little Advent candy for our readers: our exclusive BTC-ECHO study. We investigated the German Blockchain start-up scene in cooperation with BlockState. The results were some surprising. But see for yourself.