Bitcoin payment made easy: Shop modules for eCommerce merchants

More eCommerce merchants are taking an interest in Bitcoin payment in order to set themselves apart from their competitors and to specifically address the growing target group of Bitcoin customers. Innovative providers such as Coinsnap now offer the simple integration of Bitcoin payment including comprehensive payment services for over 30 leading shop systems.

Millions of new customers want Bitcoin news

Bitcoins are revolutionising commerce: With Bitcoins, consumers worldwide can carry out business transactions independently of banks, free of fees and commissions and in real time. All they need is a Bitcoin Wallet and the associated Bitcoin news app on their smartphone.

At the same time, the number of Bitcoin users is growing rapidly: In April 2015, 8.5 million consumers (worldwide) already had a Bitcoin Wallet – and the trend is rising strongly: According to current forecasts, by the end of 2015 more than 12 million consumers worldwide will already be trading Bitcoins. As a rule of thumb, it can be assumed that the number of users will double every 10 months.

This rapidly growing community of Bitcoin users is naturally interested in providers whose products they can purchase with Bitcoins – providers who naturally search and find them on the Internet.

Even though the number of Bitcoin payments is still at a comparatively low level, more and more online merchants are recognising this trend and are using the new payment method in a targeted manner to set themselves apart from the competition in terms of advertising and to develop the customer group of Bitcoin users for their offers:

Currently, more than 100,000 online merchants worldwide accept Bitcoins to pay for their products in their online shops!

Bitcoin formula – the safest, fastest and cheapest payment method for merchants

Bitcoin payments offer Internet merchants a number of advantages and no scam: Bitcoin payments are initially much cheaper than other Internet payment methods such as credit cards or online bank transfers. A further advantage is the payment guarantee: Once a Bitcoin payment has been made, the end customer can no longer reverse it. This means that Bitcoin formula or fraudulent orders are a thing of the past.

In addition, Bitcoin is a payment method available worldwide that allows merchants to tap into customer potential from countries that previously had to be excluded due to lack of payment methods.

However, eCommerce merchants generally offer their own goods and services not in Bitcoin, but in euros or another currency. As a rule, they also have no interest in entering Bitcoins in their accounts.

eCommerce merchants who want to tap into the growth market of Bitcoin customers rely on Bitcoin payment providers to provide them with a module with which they can integrate Bitcoin payment into their online shop without great effort.

Bitcoin payment modules enable merchants to process payments online in real time, without risk and at minimal cost.

Bitcoin Payment Integration using Coinsnap as an example
One of the leading providers of Bitcoin payment modules for eCommerce providers is the Dutch provider Coinsnap.

The Coinsnap Bitcoin payment module can be easily and uncomplicatedly installed by the eCommerce retailer himself or integrated into the shop page by Coinsnap for a small fee.

Coinsnap supports more than 30 popular shop systems, e.g: AceShop, commerce:SEO, CRE loaded, CS-Cart, Drupal Commerce, Gambio, JTL 3, LemonStand, Magento, Mijoshop, modified-shop, OpenCart, osCommerce 2.x, OXID eSales, PrestaShop, SEO:Mercari, Shopware, ShopPro, Ubercart 2.x, Ubercart 3.x, WordPress E-Commerce, WordPress Event Espresso, WordPress JigoShop, WordPress WooCommerce, X-Cart, XoniC, xt:Commerce v 3.x, xt:Commerce 4, Zen Cart etc…

With its decision for Coinsnap, the Internet merchant receives a complete package of software and payment processing to quickly and easily offer Bitcoins as a payment method and to participate in the advantages of Bitcoin and the growing number of users.