How to Write Dissertation Acknowledgments

If you are that student who is wondering or thinking of how he will begin writing the acknowledgments, then this means you are about to finish dissertation tasks. But on a serious note deciding who you are going to thank is something fundamental. 

Writing acknowledgments

There a few that you must keep in mind. 

  • Look for the right persons to thank.
  • Know the requirements of your school.
  • Look for the right people in your life to thank.
  • Keep it brief.
  • Add some humor.

Look for the right people to thank

When one finishes his dissertation, it is something that makes you happy. However, you have to look for something significant at DissertationTeam if you still have questions about your writing. That is thanking your beloved ones or the people supporting you as you are doing your work. First, it is a good idea that those relationships that are more than you head to the more personal ones. There is some politics in acknowledging people. Ensure that you do not leave out the people who help you in your research when you are thanking people. Because there people who take thanking to be something that is a courtesy. 

  • Chair.
  • Members of the committee
  • Funders
  • Colleagues
  • Supervisors.
  • Editors
  • Librarians.
  • Research participants 
  • Professional colleagues.
  • And other individuals

It is also an opportunity to use to thank the people who are most dear to you. These include the ones who can take you to school so that you Can achieve that goal. 

  • Friends
  • Past teachers.
  • Spouses.
  • Kids.
  • If you are that person who is so religious you can thank God, too.

Requirements of the school

Another tip for acknowledging is to consult with your university to confirm if they need any requirements or some limits you have to reach when writing your dissertation. These limits can include word count and also the number of pages that you are to write. There are those schools that will also limit you Ion the kind of things you will say. But this one is in rare cases. Universities recognize that you have come from far and that there are people behind you. So they will give you all the time and space that you need to thank your people.


A lot of people write their dissertations distantly, but when you add some humor, the dissertation will be more fun to read. And the pit the level of humor that is very appropriate for your dissertation. Here is a sample, “I want to appreciate my children who are unborn yet for having the patience for me to complete my dissertation.”

And some even go a mile and look for the stories of how he arrived at that point. When using humor, ensure that you stay in line with what the acknowledgment is all about. Keep a certain level of being professional it s essential.

Please do not make it too humorous; remember the people going to employ you might also look for this particular document to evaluate.


Now, in this part, people tend even to write things that are off the appreciation section.

There are those students who go beyond one page, which is a lot. Just stick to the people who help you during the dissertation process. 

Get a sample of a dissertation acknowledgments

The most appropriate way to get to know the tricks you can use to come with better dissertations is by reading previous dissertation acknowledgments. 

Make sure when you write an acknowledgment, you have to use straightforward English. It is also essential for the person to understand what you are saying.

Do not complicate the words. And be brief to the point and not just writing a lot of meaningless things.


It is a part that has not many restrictions. So I urge you to think carefully and look for the words you will use in this section.

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